Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wearin' Baby

After 50 minutes I am officially addicted to baby-wearing. Seriously though.

Today was my husband's first day back at work from paternity leave (sadface!) so to get some stuff done around the house I decided to put CJ in her Moby. Life is pretty terrible for her unless she's in her mama's arms.

I tried the Moby a few times over the past couple weeks, tying it around myself and then placing her in it. She was not having it. Today I placed her on me and then tied it around both of us. Success! She fell asleep against my chest within seconds and there she has remained for almost an hour while I cleaned and started this blog. Maybe this is weird but I even used the bathroom with her in it. Hopefully she doesn't find out about that some day. The horror.

I don't want to sound like an ad for Moby, but this is the greatest thing ever invented. No more cradling her for naps! Now Mama can get some stuff done around the house instead of being a couch potato all day. Next step: figuring out how to feed her in this thing.

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